Bryant Reyes

I help develop products ⤳ that help make sense ⤳ of the real world.
Product Manager for data products and models.


Scientific Publications

Below are 3 peer-reviewed publications from my PhD work on the improvement of urban hydrologic models.

What I've done

Started as an engineer in academia improving computer models -> moved to the catastrophe modeling industry and helped guide model development -> worked at a data science start-up on financial data problems -> next: TBD

Data driven development

Extracted insight from data using SQL, Python, R, and MATLAB to guide strategy and decision making.

Technical user needs

Conducted user interviews and market research--along with user empathy and prior technical experience--made decisions on model and data features.

Customer voice

Served as the voice of the technical user for sales, marketing, and customer success activities.

Guide data, science, & engineering teams

Built trust, understanding, and good working relationships with technical teams to build the right product.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in my work.